About That Log Cabin Poncho: Finished

And we have a finish! I’m pretty happy about it, too.

Log Cabin Knitting Poncho

You can wear it two different ways: boat neck style like above or V-neck style.

Log Cabin Knitting Poncho Variation

The Poncho was part of a knitalong and you can read about it in this previous post, where you’ll also find links to the log cabin knitting technique, if you’d like to try it yourself.

I’ve also previously posted the design sketch for this poncho with size information.

This was so much fun! Easy and engaging at the same time. And since it is such a great project for leftovers I’ll be playing some more with this technique.

To be continued… ;)

Log Cabin Knitting

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Log Cabin Poncho Plans

I really wanted to be done with my first log cabin knitting project by now, but life happened. Somehow life always happens, doesn’t it? Just like there is always weather.  :)

Log Cabin Knitting Rectangle


I decided to make a poncho which consists of two rectangles sewn together, like this:

Log Cabin Knitting Poncho Plan


So the first rectangle is done and this is how far I’ve come with the second (the quilt underneath was made by my mother):

Log Cabin Knitting Blues


I am going to block the first rectangle right away tonight. That should keep me motivated to finish the second one. :)

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Maybe Not…


Let’s forget about all of that advice on how to become a successful knitting designer or how to become a successful small crafty biz entrepreneur, because – it’s boring!

I have spent a good amount of time learning about building email lists, designing landing pages and creating funnels of various sorts. Branding, blogging, social media marketing, what have you; good advice, I’m sure, I’ve seen it work. It’s just that following this advice, like sticking to one, and only one, topic on one’s blog bores me to tears. Which explains the lack of posts here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of making a living doing what I love and I thought that was knitting, sewing, quilting: making stuff, in general. And I actually do love all of that. But I also love reading great books about all kinds of topics, learning new things, experimenting and following random interests down the rabbit hole.

Turns out the important part of “making a living doing what you love” is the love and fun part, not the making a living part. And being bored is not fun.

I already have a full time job that covers my bills. In that I am quite fortunate. I also enjoy many aspects of it, especially those that require a bit of creative thinking to solve problems. Then there are the dreadful parts. They consist mostly of following routines and doing the things that are necessary but mindless in the way like tying your shoes is.

So, following all that good small indie business advice is a lot like my “real” job. I don’t know why this has taken me so long to figure out. And why would I want to press a big portion of what I enjoy doing into structures I don’t like – when I don’t have to?

Well, no more! I’ve decided I’d rather be a happy amateur following her whims than become a professional business owner. So you’ll probably find all kinds of stuff on this blog in the future, most of it still related to knitting and making. The real difference is probably just in my own mind.

I’m curious and excited to find out where this might lead!


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Log Cabin Knitting KAL


I was quite determined not to start the new year like every year and sign up for all knit-alongs and quilt-alongs in my path. Usually I’d overcommit and then abandon them by May at the latest, resulting in a fresh pile of UFOs.

Well, who was I kidding, right? My resolve evaporated after just one week when I found the Fringe Association‘s Log Cabin Knit-Along.

Yep, that’s garter stitch knitting combined with the construction method of a traditional log cabin quilt block. You start with a central square or rectangle and then knit stripes around it, just like you would sew a log cabin block.

Here you can find Karen’s introductory post with all the info for the KAL and further helpful hints and ideas and resources.

So, the KAL is about a technique, log cabin knitting, more than it is about a specific project. The list of possible projects in which to use log cabin knitting is basically endless. Garments, blankets, pillows, bags – all can be constructed from these log cabin squares.

If you’d like to find out more about the technique of log cabin knitting, Mason Dixon Knitting have published the Field Guide to Log Cabin Knitting with lots of technique variations and projects. They also have this wonderful, inspiring, and detailed How-To on their website.

Want to see what ideas and projects others have come up with so far as part of the KAL? Check out the hashtag #fringeandfriendslogalong on Instagram. Loads, if not overloads of inspiration!

Personally, I’m just a tad overwhelmed by the possibilities right now. So I just keep knitting my blue square of left over sock yarns until my overheated brain has calmed down a bit. :)


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Hello 2018!

Nice to meet you!

I am so looking forward to getting to know you better. I can’t wait to find out more about you every day.

I don’t want to scare you right off the bat with already set in stone notions of “happier, healthier and wealthier” but just wanted to say welcome! Let’s enjoy our time together!

Maybe there’ll be a few new hand knitted socks and sweaters, a new quilt and lots of laughing with friends? And sunshine and rain? Some travel? We could learn a few new things together!

Be that as it may, in the end I hope we’ll part the best of friends. :)


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