Chaleur Tunic

Brr – this is winter is really overstaying it’s welcome, isn’t it?  Well, as knitters we at least get the chance to wear our knits a little longer. I for one, have been getting a lot of wear out of this tunic:

chaleur tunic pattern by julie hoover
Julie Hoover’s pattern is quite appropriately named “Chaleur” (warmth). It’s knit in one piece and features a subtle herringbone pattern. Actually, the pattern is so subtle ( and my photography skills so poor) that you can’t even see it in the picture above :).
It’s a little more visible here:
Chaleur herringbone texture
I used Cascade’s Eco Duo yarn. It’s an undyed mix of 30% merino wool and 70% baby alpaca. I love this tunic; it feels like wearing a super soft, wonderfully warm cloud. Too bad I didn’t wash and block my gauge swatch, because the tunic grew a lot in length when I blocked it. So now I’m wearing it with a belt.
Live and learn :)


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