Moorings – new sock pattern

I’m pretty excited to tell you that I just published my new sock pattern “Moorings”.

Moorings sock pattern

The socks are knit cuff-down with 70 stitches in the round and it sports my favorite heel flap. It’s an easy yet interesting pattern and because you only need to know how to knit, purl, and slip stitches it would be totally suitable for sock knitting beginners or for those who want to work with a charted pattern for the first time.

Moorings socks knitted heel flap

Click here to download the pattern in English.

Hier klicken, um die deutsche Anleitung herunter zu laden.

Happy knitting!

Moorings sock knitting pattern
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2 Responses to Moorings – new sock pattern

  1. It really isn't – knits and purls only :)


  2. wow looks really hard to do.


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