#qb200 Quiltblocks 200: The Story Continues

So, since I missed my daily appointment with the sewing machine, I indeed started a second series of daily improv quilt blocks.

I thought it might be interesting to just pick blocks from the first 100 block series and see if I could come up with some variations. So for the second 100 daily blocks I decided to to take one block, make one variation each day for 9 days and then sew them into a mini quilt top on the tenth day.

Here´s the result from the first set of variations:

qb200 quilt top 1

This is the original block:


Pretty dramatic change, isn’t it?

I admid, after sewing the first 2 variation blocks, I was really nervous, that this project would turn out a disaster, but the 9 patch layout and the blck background pull it together, I think.

So, on we go with the next set of variations. If interested, you can find the daily blocks on Instagram under the hashtag #qb200.

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