July BOM: Snail’s Trail

Remember this post about startitis at the beginning of each year? Well, I might not have blogged, but I did do the sewing 🙂

Here’s the seventh block of the German “6 Köpfe, 12 Blöcke” QAL, a Snail’s Trail block:


I didn’t put much thought into picking the fabrics at the beginning of the QAL, they just needed to come from my stash. And all those Japanese and Japan-inspired I had collected over the years started screaming “pick us! pick us!” How could I not?

I do think they fit the traditional bend of this QAL quite well, though. This is all of them together until now:


As we have made it past the half way mark I’ve also begun to think of how the blocks might go together in a quilt and since the fabrics already have a Japanese theme, I dug out my old Japanese quilting mags. This I found in the oldest one I have:



The flying geese sashing would be nice, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t want to do the appliqued leaves, though, it would take me forever!

In any event, I am really curious to see what other blocks the six organizers of this QAL still have up their collective sleeves 🙂 If you are interested to see the beautiful interpretations of these blocks by other QAL participants check out the link party here. Or search Instagram and Twitter by hashtag #6Koepfe12Bloecke.

Maybe you know a little German? If not, pictures and photographs speak a universal language, so why not go ahead and check out the blogs of the six organizers of this QAL? There are great tutorials for the blocks and lots of inspiration for beginning and experienced quilters alike. Find them here:

LaLaLa Patchwork – Dorthe

ellis & higgs – Nadra

einfach bunt – Verena

Quiltmanufaktur – Verena

greenfietsen – Katharina

Allie & Me – Gesine

Happy quilting everyone!


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#qb200 project: 6th mini quilt top

So for a while this will be the last top. I need to figure out what to do with them all!


qb Mini Quilt Top

I’ll be using these mini to practice a little quilting, maybe even free-motion quilting 🙂

Wish me luck! Please!


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#qb200 project: fifth mini quilt top

We have mini quilt top number 5!

This one is light and airy again, with a color scheme that suits me more than that of the last mini quilt.

I find it amazing how basically unbalanced blocks can turn into a coherent whole when they are set in a traditional grid, such as this nine-patch. The power of radial symmetry.

qb200 mini quilt top 5

As always, if you are interested, you can find all the daily blocks on Instagram under the hashtag #qb200.

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#qb200 project: fourth mini quilt top

improv pieced mini quilt 4

And the 4th quilt top based on my original #quiltblocks100 series is all sewn up.

I struggled with this one, maybe because of the triangles?

Here’s the original block that it is based on:


Well, you lose some, you win some. I already started the fifth set of blocks to become a mini quilt and IÂŽm happy with those!

As always, if you are interested, you can find all the daily blocks on Instagram under the hashtag #qb200.

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Hallo! Sagt mal, wo ist eigentlich der Januar geblieben???

Wie jedes Jahr verleitet mich der Jahresanfang dazu, alles mitmachen zu wollen, was es so an Quilt-Alongs, Knit-Alongs und anderen “Alongs” so gibt. Außerdem werkel ich ja an meinem Quiltblocks200 Projekt, wo ich jeden Tag einen improvisierten Block nĂ€he. Nun, da war der Januar dann auch schon vorĂŒber, und der Februar ist auch schon fast eine Woche alt.  🙂

Schlussendlich habe ich mich entschieden, bei diesen beiden Quilt-Alongs mitzumachen:

6 Köpfe 12 Blöcke

1 Block pro Monat, der auch fĂŒr AnfĂ€nger geeignet ist. Hier bei Katharina und ihrem Blog greenfietsen kannst du alle Infos finden. Jeder kann mitmachen und jederzeit einsteigen. Es gibt auch fĂŒr alle Blöcke super ausfĂŒhrliche Anleitungen, Tipps und Tricks.

Mein Januar Rolling Stone Block:

rolling stone quilt block

Und der Februar Churn Dash Block:

Churn Dash Quilt Block

Bernina Medallion Quilt

Wie der Name sagt, geht es hier um einen Medallion Quilt. Das bedeutet, dass der Quilt einen Mittelblock hat, um den dann mehrere verschiedene RÀnder genÀht werden. Alle Infos dazu gibt es hier.

Dieses Quilt-Along ist ein bisschen anspruchsvoller und zeitintensiver. Wie ich beim NĂ€hen meiner Mitte bemerkt habe. 🙂

Hier ist er, mein Feathered Star Block:

Feathered Star Quilt Block

Auch hier kann natĂŒrlich jeder mitmachen und jederzeit einsteigen!

Mir macht es jedenfalls viel Spaß, diese Quilts mit anderen zusammen zu nĂ€hen!


Hi, everyone!

What happened to January??? It’s already gone and February is already a week old, too!

Just like every January quilt-alongs, knit-alongs, sew-alongs and what-have-you-alongs spring up all around and, of course, I want to join them all. This in addition to my quiltblocks200 project and so that’s what happened to January 🙂

In the end I decided to participate in two German quilt-alongs.

First, there is the BOM “6 Köpfe, 12 Blöcke”. You can find all infos here. Pictured above are my January Rolling Stone block and my February Churn Dash block.

Then there is a medallion quilt-along on the German Bernina site, link here. That one is a little harder, as I found out when sewing my center, the Feathered Star pictured above. 🙂

You can join both QALs at any time and I’d love to see you there, too! It’s always great fun!


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