Hallo! Sagt mal, wo ist eigentlich der Januar geblieben???

Wie jedes Jahr verleitet mich der Jahresanfang dazu, alles mitmachen zu wollen, was es so an Quilt-Alongs, Knit-Alongs und anderen “Alongs” so gibt. Außerdem werkel ich ja an meinem Quiltblocks200 Projekt, wo ich jeden Tag einen improvisierten Block nähe. Nun, da war der Januar dann auch schon vorüber, und der Februar ist auch schon fast eine Woche alt.  :)

Schlussendlich habe ich mich entschieden, bei diesen beiden Quilt-Alongs mitzumachen:

6 Köpfe 12 Blöcke

1 Block pro Monat, der auch für Anfänger geeignet ist. Hier bei Katharina und ihrem Blog greenfietsen kannst du alle Infos finden. Jeder kann mitmachen und jederzeit einsteigen. Es gibt auch für alle Blöcke super ausführliche Anleitungen, Tipps und Tricks.

Mein Januar Rolling Stone Block:

rolling stone quilt block

Und der Februar Churn Dash Block:

Churn Dash Quilt Block

Bernina Medallion Quilt

Wie der Name sagt, geht es hier um einen Medallion Quilt. Das bedeutet, dass der Quilt einen Mittelblock hat, um den dann mehrere verschiedene Ränder genäht werden. Alle Infos dazu gibt es hier.

Dieses Quilt-Along ist ein bisschen anspruchsvoller und zeitintensiver. Wie ich beim Nähen meiner Mitte bemerkt habe. :)

Hier ist er, mein Feathered Star Block:

Feathered Star Quilt Block

Auch hier kann natürlich jeder mitmachen und jederzeit einsteigen!

Mir macht es jedenfalls viel Spaß, diese Quilts mit anderen zusammen zu nähen!


Hi, everyone!

What happened to January??? It’s already gone and February is already a week old, too!

Just like every January quilt-alongs, knit-alongs, sew-alongs and what-have-you-alongs spring up all around and, of course, I want to join them all. This in addition to my quiltblocks200 project and so that’s what happened to January :)

In the end I decided to participate in two German quilt-alongs.

First, there is the BOM “6 Köpfe, 12 Blöcke”. You can find all infos here. Pictured above are my January Rolling Stone block and my February Churn Dash block.

Then there is a medallion quilt-along on the German Bernina site, link here. That one is a little harder, as I found out when sewing my center, the Feathered Star pictured above. :)

You can join both QALs at any time and I’d love to see you there, too! It’s always great fun!


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#qb200: 3rd mini quilt top

And the next mini quilt top is all done – please meet “a.maze”:



Here’s the original block that the variations are based on:


I admit, I’m feeling quite accomplished for sticking with the program here :) It just goes to show how far 15 – 30 minutes a day can take you. The secret, I guess, is consistency.

I sewed the first block for this mini on January 21st, the day of the Women’s March. So, yes, the pink is entirely intentional. Piecing the blocks was just a matter of aimlessly cutting and sewing, but when it came to putting them together into this quilt, the current events were heavy on my mind. That is why this is the first quilt that actually has a name. I leave it up to you what you might make of it. After all, I think of these blocks and quilts very much as Rohrschach tests; their meaning, if any, emerges only once they are finished and quite depends on the eye of the beholder.

Apropos finished, I have no idea, when or how these tops are going to become actual quilted quilts :=)

As always, if you are interested, you can find all the daily blocks on Instagram under the hashtag #qb200.

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#qb200 2nd Quilt Top

And here is the quilt top based on nine variations of a block from the original quiltblocks100 series:


This is the original block:


And it’s all just the result of process, I really couldn’t design this on purpose.

In contrast to the first quilt top, I did not add any sashing to the blocks this time.

As usual, and if interested, you can find the daily blocks on Instagram under the hashtag #qb200.

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#qb200 Quiltblocks 200: The Story Continues

So, since I missed my daily appointment with the sewing machine, I indeed started a second series of daily improv quilt blocks.

I thought it might be interesting to just pick blocks from the first 100 block series and see if I could come up with some variations. So for the second 100 daily blocks I decided to to take one block, make one variation each day for 9 days and then sew them into a mini quilt top on the tenth day.

Here´s the result from the first set of variations:

qb200 quilt top 1

This is the original block:


Pretty dramatic change, isn’t it?

I admid, after sewing the first 2 variation blocks, I was really nervous, that this project would turn out a disaster, but the 9 patch layout and the blck background pull it together, I think.

So, on we go with the next set of variations. If interested, you can find the daily blocks on Instagram under the hashtag #qb200.

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Quiltblocks 100: Daily Practice

Happy New Year Everyone!

You wouldn´t know it from reading this blog, but I really did manage to make 1 improv quilt block a day for hundred days and post it on on Instagram, hashtag #quiltblocks100.


Working on a block each day, whether I felt like it or not, whether it was convenient or not, was an amazing experience. For one, I am a little proud that I stuck with it, I wasn’t so sure I had the discipline to do it. Second, I was surprised, how much gets done in this little time, when done daily. After all, I only spent about 15 to 30 minutes on each block. And finally, I did not think I would miss this daily project as much as I did when it was finished.


And this was the kicker: this little daily dose of creativity spilled over into other areas of life. It seems once you practice your creative muscle it does get stronger :) Problem solving at work turned out much easier, or at least things flowed better. Who knows why?

In any event, this project was a wonderful experience and I’ll start a second project like this soon. More about that later.

In the mean time, I’d be curious to know if any of you have worked on a daily project? What were your experiences? Let us know in the comments!

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